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 Pregnancy Pillow Good Night line by Italbaby -22%


Pregnancy Pillow Good Night line by Italbaby

€ 170,28 € 133,19

GOOD NIGHT: THE NEW PREGNANCY CUSHION WITH ADJUSTABLE AND MOBILE SUPPORT FOR BACK, BELLY AND HEAD. The Pillow pregnancy Good Night & egrave; a multifunctional device to support pregnancy, for breastfeeding and for the relaxation of the newborn. This pillow in the shape of & ldquo; L & rdquo ;, & egrave ; designed to help the expectant mother during sleep, allowing a support for the back and legs , which can be adjusted according to the progress of the pregnancy. During maternity, the best position rest takes place lying on the left side, with the knees bent, in order to favor the correct blood flow. Practical and comfortable, the Good Night Pregnancy Pillow & egrave; aid, allowing the mother to maintain the position comfortably, reducing the risk of turning on her back due to involuntary movements. How to use ? 1. In lateral position , on the left side , mom hugs the pillow, resting her head on the end perpendicular. The wedge pillow must be placed for lumbar protection. 2. Embraced in a semi-prone position , taking advantage of the extremity; perpendicular to support the legs. The wedge pillow offers containment and lumbar support. 3. In the semi-supine position, using the wedge pillow to keep the belly raised. The end perpendicular acts as a support for the legs. During breastfeeding, it provides a soft surface on which to lay the baby. & Egrave; usable by the mother on any occasion, as an ergonomic pillow or by the child as a support cushion or a play area, moreover the wedge pillow can be used; become a perfect anti-reflux support for the newborn. Good Night & egrave; consisting of 3 parts: - Pregnancy pillow ad & ldquo; L & rdquo;, - Adjustable headband, - Wedge pillow. The coating is; removable from the padding and pu & ograve; be washed to ensure maximum hygiene. MEASUREMENTS: CM. 160 X 55. MATERIALS: Covering in 100% Cotton. SHIPPING: Shipping times for this product are 8/10 working days .

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